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Yamaha YM1430 Marimba

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Yamaha Marimba 4 1/3 octave, African Padauk bars 4 1/3 octaves

Yamaha YM1430 Marimba

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African Padouk bars 4 1/3 octaves

The YM1430 has tone bars make of select African Padauk which offers an ideal balance between tone and price. It Features a reiforced frame and a unique adjustable height system, perfect for the younger percussionist.

Range: A-C4, 4 1/3 octaves
Bar sizes: 58-38mm wide, 24-22mm thick
Height adjustments: 88-98cm
Dimensions (W x D) 188 x 84cm
Weight 49Kg

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YM1430 Yamaha Marimba 4 1/3 octave,
African Padauk Bars
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