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Yamaha EMX2

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Yamaha Powered Mixer

Yamaha EMX2

Click here for larger image Because the EMX2 is both a mixer and a power amplifier, you only need speakers and mics to have a fully functioning sound system. This makes it easy for newcomers, and even first-time users with no previous audio experience to easily configure their own sound reinforcement system. The EMX2's all-in-one design concept ensures that by just plugging in a single power cable and making a few simple, intuitive connections, anyone can be their own sound engineer.

I/O Inputs: TOTAL 10ch : Mono (MIC/LINE):4, Stereo(LINE):3
Phantom power: CH1, 2 : +30 V
Control and others: FOOT SW : Effect Mute on/off
Bus Stereo: 1, Effect: 1
Input Channel Function: PAD 26 dB (CH1-4)
Hi-Z Supported: (CH4)
EQ HIGH: 8kHz +15dB / -15dB
EQ MID: 2.5kHz +15dB / -15dB
EQ LOW: 100Hz +15dB / -15dB

On-board processors: DSP SPX Algorithm Reverb 4 programs, MASTER EQ (SPEECH to MUSIC), Feedback suppressor

On-board amplifiers: Maximum output power @4ohms 1kHz THD+N less than 10% (CEA2006) : 250 W + 250 W, 1kHz THD+N less than 1% : 110 W + 110 W

Maximum output power: @8ohms 1kHz THD+N less than 10% (CEA2006) : 170 W + 170 W, 1kHz THD+N less than 1% : 110 W + 110 W

Level Meter: 6points (-20, -6, 0 , +3, +6, LIMITER)

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EMX2 Yamaha Powered Mixer
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